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September is the new January

Here are all the portable monitors tailored for students!

For The On-the-Go Students

Slim, light and portable enough for students to carry anywhere. Whether studying in class or library, Lepow portable monitor is a perfect choice.

For the Creators

Lepow reliable and well-designed monitors help designers study and work seamlessly, as well as bring creations to life.

For the Multi-functioner Users

Study and Work seamlessly and connect their digital lives with a reliable and well designed eye-friendly 

new portable monitor.

Commonly asked

Commonly asked

What is the Lepow Back-To-School activity?

Back-to-school season is coming and Lepow launches related activity discounts to provide students with high-quality portable monitors for learning. 

Which Lepow monitors model is involved in the Back-To-School activity?

There are 3 series of electronic portable monitors to participate in the back-to-school activities, namely the Z1 series, Z1 Gamut series and the C2 series.

Do I need student certification to receive the discount code?

Student certification is not required. Just use the discount code 30lepow101 to save 30% off and get a new monitor whether you are a student or a student's parents

How long will the activity last?

The activity lasts from August 30th to September 15th.

Do I need to pay for the shipping fee?

We provide free package and shipping for All orders (2-7 Days will arrive)

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