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Revolutionize Your Work with Lepow's DualViews Monitor

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Extra screen space is more than a nice addition to your workspace. The additional view is necessary when performing complex tasks, multitasking, or collaborating. Therefore, many professionals invest in wide-screen monitors to support their needs. 

However, popular monitors are built for spacious workstations and cannot be moved around due to their size. This lack of portability limits their use. Also, these monitors may demand unnatural head movements to the side that are difficult to sustain. These challenges paved the way for portable monitor designs.

At Lepow, we were keen on building mobile monitors that work across operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. This project was crowdfunded, with hundreds of backers raising over $800,000. The campaign's success drove the development and production of Lepow's DualViews monitor. But what should you know about these devices?

Introducing Lepow's DualViews Monitor

 Revolutionize Your Work with Lepow's DualViews Monitor

Our DualViews portable monitor allows you to connect two extra screens to various devices. You can stack these screens vertically or hinge them against one another for presentations. The pro version offers a 10-point touchscreen functionality (on just one screen) and stylus support with 1024-level pressure response.

The DualViews allow 360° rotation and is available in two sizes: 14 and 15.6 inches. Both displays support HD (high definition) resolution. So, there are 4 devices:

The monitors have an aluminum alloy metal cover and are 0.6" thick. The 14" wide monitor weighs 2.87 lbs, while the 15.6" alternative weighs 3.47 lbs. 

Exciting Features of the Lepow’s DualViews monitor

Our DualViews monitor has several noteworthy features, including:

Multi-device compatible: Our DualViews monitor does not require driver installation. Instead, the device has a custom chip for a plug-and-play experience. This design detail allows the monitors to work seamlessly with various operating systems and devices, whether iPhone, iPad, Android, or iOS. 

High-quality display: The screen has a 60Hz refresh rate and 300 nits brightness. So you can enjoy fast-paced games and movies without any loss in quality.  Also, the 14” monitors have a 1200P resolution, whereas the 15.6” ones are rated 1080P. Therefore, you can work with high-resolution art or videos. 

Dual speakers: DualViews have built-in twin 2W speakers. These are perfect for Zoom meetings or live streaming. So you don’t need external speakers or wired connections. 

High-capacity battery: DualViews is loaded with 20,000mAh. This can power your laptop (or smart device) when needed.

Fast charging technology: The 65W fast charging technology quickly powers your monitor, so you’re productive even without a power source. 

Benefits of the Lepow's DualView Monitor

Revolutionize Your Work with Lepow's DualViews Monitor

Ergonomic comfort: Enjoy comfort with adjustable viewing angles. Stack your DualViews monitor vertically for a more natural and convenient head movement. This arrangement helps to reduce eye and neck strain. Also, switching between various display modes can help you adapt to the nature of your work. 

Fluent coding and reading: The dual monitor setup enables reading multiple documents or code files at once. This convenience helps writers, coders, and designers to reference information easily. 

Portability: Lepow DualView monitors are highly portable. The 14" model weighs just 2.87 lbs or 1.3kg. Also, these devices are only 0.6" thick after folding. Many of our early users appreciated this portable build and lightweight. You can fold the monitors for easy carriage. This benefits professionals who work in different locations or travel frequently. 

Due to these benefits, the Lepow DualViews is suited for various professionals and users, including:

  • Business people
  • Designers
  • Video editors
  • Traders
  • Data analysts
  • Writers
  • Programmers
  • Gamers

Setting up the Lepow DualViews Monitor

Setting up your display is straightforward. So, these monitors are ready for work right out of the box. Simply plug the monitor into your laptop with the USB-to-USB type-c cable. 

Then, the buttons on the side help you switch between various display modes easily. Mount the monitor on the stand, and you’re ready for work!

Lepow's DualView Monitor Buying Guide

There are 4 monitors to pick from: D14, D14 Pro, D15, and D15 Pro. The 14” monitors offer a more compact design and less weight. They’re a brilliant choice if you’re willing to forgo the extra screen space. 

The pro versions support touchscreen and come with a stylus pen. These monitors are suited for illustrators, designers, and graphic artists. Also, individuals who prefer a touch interface will enjoy these versions.   

We produce high-quality and affordable monitors. However, buyers may consider the cost when making this investment. So, our D14 monitors are low-cost but powerful dual-screen monitors. 


Revolutionize work with DualView monitors. You can carry these units wherever you go to enjoy speed and improved well-being. 

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