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Are Portable Monitors Worth It?

If you are in the tech world, you must have heard about the hype around portable monitors. If you wonder whether portable monitors are worth it, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the pros and cons of portable monitors to help you decide if you need one.

Let's get into it!

Advantages of Portable Monitors

Portable monitors are a significant addition to your work, study, or entertainment station. Here are some of the actual benefits.

Lepow Portable Monitors

1. Convenience

Portable monitors make it easy to extend your laptop or desktop screen. They also scale up your mobile device screen display. Moreover, connecting them to the primary device is easy by using HDMI or USB-C cable.

2. Increased Productivity

Using portable monitors increases productivity several times because:

  • They help you better understand the documents and data you are working with.
  •  They allow you to stick to the major task because you do not have to check other tasks on the same screen.
  • They save time used switching between tabs and tasks.
  •  Reduces stress and eye fatigue caused by handling many documents on one screen. Reduced stress helps you make decisions faster and develop better solutions.

3. Increased Mobility

The ease of moving around with portable monitors is among the top reasons people invest in them.

Office workers, online students, gamers, and other beneficiaries enjoy the portability. They can have them on the go without worrying about their weight or the amount of space they will take up.

Lepow Portable Monitors

Most portable monitors are lightweight, weighing about 2 pounds. This makes them easy to carry around without suffering back or shoulder strain.

They are also small in size and feature sleek and slim designs. So they fit in backpacks, briefcases, or laptop bags. The slim design allows you to use them in tight spaces like airplanes, vehicles, or coffee shops. Some models, like Lepow C2 15.6", have a kickstand for use in different environments.

4. Cost-Effective

Many assume that portable monitors cost an arm and a leg, but that is not always true. Portable monitors are available in different brands and models priced differently. With a wide range to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Identify your desired features and get a model matching your budget. Beware of cheap, low-quality models that will return you to the market after a few months. Consider saving for a high-quality model that gives you value for your money.

5. Versatility

Portable monitors are versatile because they are compatible with almost all tech devices. You can connect them with laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

You can thus use them for gaming, graphic design, coding, and photo and video editing. They are valuable assets both at home, school and in offices.

Disadvantages of Portable Monitors

Like any other device, portable monitors have their downsides. Some of the cons of portable monitors include the following:

1. Display Quality

The display quality of some portable monitors does not match the need for some tasks like coding. Portable monitors with the best display quality are expensive. Thus some people cannot afford them.

2. Limited Connectivity

You must connect portable monitors to a primary device for them to work. For a successful connection, the devices must have matching ports.

Most portable devices come with a USB-C port, which is unavailable in older gadgets. In that case, the connection has proven challenging. You must buy a cable with input, and output ends matching both devices. The port discrepancy can be very embarrassing in front of people.

3. Short Battery Life

Portable monitors with batteries can last 3 to 8 hours, depending on the model, brand, and usage. You need more than this battery life for long-distance traveling. Especially if traveling to areas without a power supply.

The power problem is even more challenging for portable monitors without batteries. In that case, they draw power from the laptop. Unfortunately, they have high power consumption. Thus, they drain the battery fast, damaging its lifespan.

4. Repair Difficulties

Repairing portable monitors can be challenging because there are few repairers. Also, spare parts can be rare because they have not been in the market long. Sometimes, it is better to buy a new device than the stress and cost of repairs.

Who Should Consider Portable Monitors

Portable monitors are versatile and for everyone who uses a laptop. Here are several people who can use portable monitors.

1. Freelancers

Portable monitors are a good addition to a freelancer's desk. You can use them to scale up the screen size of mobile devices or add more screens. Bigger and more screens improve workflow and hence better productivity.

Lepow Portable Monitors

Also, portable monitors are lightweight and small in size. This makes it easy for freelancers on the go to carry them around.

2. Remote Workers

Remote workers also benefit from the extra screen provided by portable monitors. Working with two screens allows you to handle the main task from one screen and others from the other. Such an arrangement allows you to save time spent switching tabs.

Portable monitors also help remote workers to hold professional meetings and presentations. They allow for seamless conversations and one on one interactions during meetings.

3. Gamers

Portable monitors allow gaming on the go because they are portable and connect to gaming consoles. Gaming portable monitors are easier to carry than gaming TVs or computer monitors. They are perfect for gaming on a road trip, camping, or a sleepover.

You can also connect them to your small gaming computers for a better experience.

Portable monitors also expand the screens of mobile devices for a better gaming display. Suppose you have been struggling with gaming on your phone or tablet because of the small screen. Invest in a portable monitor and take the fun a notch higher.

4. Students

Portable monitors offer students an extra screen for research and presentation. Moreover, it is the best choice for students on the go because they are highly portable. 

Lepow Portable Monitors

The best model for students should be lightweight, easy to carry, and have long battery life.  Ultra-Slim by Lepow is a good model for students because it is light, sleek, and slim.

5. Creators

Photographers and content creators enjoy the camera and large screen of portable monitors. Connecting their cameras to a portable monitor lets them see their shots from a large, high-quality screen.

Editing photos and videos from a large Lepow Z1 15.6" screen is also easier than from a small phone screen.

Wrap Up

Portable monitors are useful for work, entertainment, and specialized tasks. Most people who use a laptop or mobile devices benefit from portable monitors. If you want a portable monitor, identify your screen needs and consider the portable monitors mentioned in this article.