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What Is A Portable Monitor Used For?

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Portable monitors are easy to use. They also have the power to supercharge your work, gaming, or creative abilities. 

Enhancing your screen size and resolution is a welcome upgrade to any busy professional’s tech. 

But there’s more to enjoy with a portable monitor than more room for emails. This blog will outline the top uses for a moveable monitor, as well as detailing who stands to improve the most as a result of their existence. 

First, let’s get more background on a portable monitor and why you need to get one in your life.

What Is A Portable Monitor?

Portable monitor

A portable monitor is a lightweight and slender screen. Designed to enhance the viewing capabilities of your laptop or mobile device. 

The additional screen space makes hot-desking at work easy. But it also has other benefits such as 4K resolution. As well as the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. 

These convenient screen enhancers are available in a selection of sizes, from 13 inches up to over 17. Some models also come with touchscreen functionality. 

Most devices also come with HDMI or USB-C ports. This ensures simple connectivity to your mobile device. 

Why Do You Need a Portable Monitor?

If you’re a busy professional or someone who gets through a lot of traveling in a year. Adding a portable monitor to your tech catalog is a no-brainer. 

Away from the ease of carriage, there are a host of benefits to owning this tiny but powerful gadget. 

Super Smooth Meetings On The Go 

Busy professionals, self-employed people, and freelance workers are all expected to jump on to meetings anywhere in the world.

A portable monitor offers the ability to do this. With the bonus comfort of knowing your screen resolution is as high as possible. 

In addition, thanks to the dual-screen setup, you can conduct presentations with ease. Keeping one eye on your screen and the other on the people in the room. 

Level up Your Mobile Device Interface 

When you know how to connect a smartphone to a portable monitor, you can blow up your phone’s screen display. 

Whether you just fancy playing Angry Birds in glorious 4K or you need to mirror your phone screen on a bigger interface. This is a great way to do both. 

Enhance Your Entertainment Anywhere

Portable Monitor

Speaking of Angry Birds. Plenty of us prefer to spend time when traveling catching up with a series, movie, or game. 

With the additional screen resolution on your portable monitor, you can connect to your phone and get back into the series you’ve been binging while on the move. 

Alternatively, if you have a portable games console like a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, you can also use the USB-C connection to enhance your gaming experience. 

Expanding Specialist Device Screens

While we’re on the subject of enhancing screen size. Getting a portable monitor also doubles up your ability to work across specialist screens. 

From that Nintendo to a Mac or tablet. If you have the correct adapter or connection, you have the wherewithal to spread your experience across two screens. 

If you’re thinking of connecting your Mac or laptop to a portable monitor, then you should ensure it is set up correctly to create a seamless movement between the two screens. You’ll be able to manage these settings in your “Display” area. 

Who Does a Portable Monitor Work Best For?

Portable Monitor

Those numerous applications mean a host of benefits for many. However, there are a handful of people who stand to most the most of this additional technology:

  • Gamers
  • Designers 
  • Developers 
  • Digital nomads
  • Bloggers
  • Travelers 

Gamers Using Portable Monitors

Whether PC or console gaming is your jam, a portable monitor has the ability to enhance your enjoyment further. 

From improving the immersion of an open-world epic action-adventure game to offering more scope on a first-person shooter. 

A portable screen has the ability to take your gaming experience to the next level. 

Why Do Designers Need a Portable Monitor?

Portable monitors are perfect for getting to grips with an intricate dress design or marketing asset.

Aside from the functionality of using a larger screen to preview designs. A touchscreen monitor also offers the added bonus of being able to edit or add to a design on the screen in real time. 

Do Portable Monitors Help Developers

Dual-screen functionality also helps Web Developers tackle intricate coding tasks. Expanding the interface makes it easier to display changes and run multiple applications. 

Digital Nomads Using Portable Monitors 

The convenience of having a screen that packs away easily into a laptop bag or rucksack works perfectly for those who earn a living while on the road. 

Recent surveys showed there were 35 million digital nomads globally in 2021. That growing population of on-the-go workers needs a moveable solution. 

In addition, the ability to run multiple apps works for posting across various social platforms and forums. 

How Do Bloggers or Travelers Use More Screens?

Similarly, a spark of inspiration can take a professional blogger at any time. 

Having another screen simplifies the content creation process by allowing for data sets to be displayed on one screen and content management systems on the other. 

Meanwhile, travelers who spend hours cooped up on a plane, train, car, or bus will have the option to pass the time with a movie on the larger display. Turn that flight into a long-haul cinematic experience. 

What To Know Before Buying a Portable Monitor 

There are several things to bear in mind before taking the plunge and purchasing a portable monitor though. These are mainly to ensure you get the perfect screen for your needs. 

Before you go adding to cart, you might want to consider these 4 main areas of tech performance:

  1. Screen size and resolution 
  2. Response Time
  3. Battery life 
  4. Connectivity

Choosing The Right Portable Monitor For You

Portable Monitor

You need to ensure the screen is the correct size for your usage. For example, travelers, bloggers, and digital nomads might consider a smaller screen to maximize the portability features. 

Whereas, designers and developers might prefer to prioritize screen resolution instead. 

In addition, if you’re aiming to get some serious gaming done on your new gadget then response time might be more of a consideration. 

However, in every use case, it pays to do your research and find the monitor with the best battery life and connectivity for your circumstances. 

For example, do you want a monitor with a built-in battery or power cable? Likewise, will your screen of choice have the correct cable to connect across your devices? 

Final Thoughts

A portable monitor has a plethora of uses and applications. From enhancing your productivity to improving your moveable entertainment options. 

But to get the most out of your new screen it pays to do your research and ensure you can connect to your monitor. Plus, you should have an idea of where you want the screen to improve your output. 

Whether that’s the resolution for design work or response time for gaming and running larger programs. One thing is for sure, you need one in your life. 

Buy a portable monitor today and see how it can supercharge your creativity or enhance your gaming ability.