The best Lepow Portable Monitor for Students

When we talk about gadgets, there are always many factors that can affect the purchase decision of costumer. Has the same problem happened to you when choosing an Lepow external monitor? This blog will help you make a decision about the best monitor, based on your needs as a student.

Next, we will ask you some questions and according to your needs, we will give you recommendations on which Lepow Monitor is best for you.

What do you study?

If the answer covers any career related to graphic design, multimedia content consumption, web development, or related activities, it is recommended that you prioritize resolution as well as color quality fidelity.

Our Z1-Gamut series with an upgraded color gamut of 72% NTSC and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 will definitely be your best choice.

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Lepow Z1 Gamut 15.6

Do you need different input ports?

There are some desktop monitors that have special inputs, or some devices that require a specific type of input. If that is your case, we recommend our C2 devices. 

It introduced small DP port, a fully functional USB Type-C port, and a Mini-HDMI port are all included on the Lepow C2-Series portable display. The optimized display also enables broad compatibility.

Do you perform different tasks and you are not decided?

If you do a lot of activities and don't have any special requirements, Our Z1 portable monitor will serve you. It is a classic design, which has a balanced performance with the indicators mentioned above.

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Lepow Z1 15.6

We leave you a table, which contains the most important indicators that we have used to classify our monitors according to your needs.

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