Lepow Portable Monitors Black Friday & Cyber Monday Carnival

Today we will be talking about something that everyone is talking about these days. It is exactly what you are thinking, Black Friday. 

So, we know that this is the date that everybody in the world waits for eagerly, this is because you can buy many things at insanely low prices. And today I will be talking about a device that is a must-have in your home and that has to be on your top list of things you are going to buy. 

Portable monitors! That is right, you already know how crazy good they are and how much everyone needs one nowadays so if you do not have yours yet this is your best chance for getting one. And if you already have one you can easily get another to give as a gift at Christmas and share the love with the one you care about the most. 

So let us waste no more time and begin with the central theme of this blog which would be which Portable monitor should you get.

Today we will talk about the Lepow Z1, this little buddy is going to make you fall in love with every feature that it has.
Let`s begin talking about connectivity, if you are a gamer and would love to enjoy your favorite games anytime and anywhere this will be your perfect match, you can easily connect your PS3, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch to it. It will be your best choice when it comes to picking a device to go with you during a long flight. You can even plug it into your smartphone to extend your screen. If you are a MOBA lover like me you will surely enjoy having a bigger screen to play and increase your viewing range.

Now it does not only work for gaming consoles, you can also connect it to your PC or laptop and use it as an extended screen. Just imagine how much easier would it be to keep your workload organized by using a second screen.

The best part is that, since it is a portable monitor, you can take it to your office in the morning to help you with your work. And later that same day take it back to your house to enjoy a lovely evening watching movies or playing video games, is your choice.

Now we said that it is portable so you might be wondering about the size and weight. Well, this portable monitor specifically has a size of 15.6 inches, meaning, it can perfectly fit in your purse, suitcase, or backpack. It is really slim; it has a 0.3 inches profile making it even slimmer than a notebook and weighs around 1.76 pounds. You won`t even notice that you are carrying it unless you see it in your backpack.

We talked about some of the most important features but there is one that everybody asks about, and it would be the image quality. Well, I say this as a friend, do not expect to be able to see movies in 4K, I mean we are talking about a 15.6 inches monitor. But it does not mean that the resolution is bad, you get to see your favorite movies and shows with a 1920*1080P resolution, if you ask me that is more than I expected and I assure you that you will love it when you use it to lying on the couch and watching any video.

One of the good things that I loved about Lepow is that they really do take care of the experience and the device, which is why you do not only get a portable monitor, you will also get a smart cover and a screen protector.

All the combo is in the same box, and I know you might be thinking that maybe since the cover comes with the monitor it might not be of great quality, well, you are wrong about that my friend. The case is made out of PU leather, not only protecting the monitor but also making it look even cooler! And the protector will cover the hole screen so you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching it. Lepow, has you covered!

And I almost forgot, to close this part I wanted to tell you that this monitor also has two built-in speakers, so if you want to play something on YouTube you won’t actually need a pair of headsets you can enjoy everything with the portable monitor`s speaker. Isn`t that just awesome?

Now you understand why this device has to be on your top list for this black Friday and cyber-Monday?

I mean this is actually affordable on an ordinary day so just imagine how tempted to get one you will be with the black Friday and cyber-Monday offers.

Don’t think too much about it and just go put it on your Wishlist ASAP, I promise you will thank me later.