News Release of Lepow Monitors

LEPOW is a globally recognized brand that was founded in Hong Kong in 2011. The new portable laptop monitor is created to bring a happy user experience to customers around the world, especially with its new Z1 ultra-slim monitor. First of all, it is important to know the common indicators to take into account when choosing your portable monitor, so below we will detail the characteristics of the product so that you can analyze it and you can convince yourself that our new Z1 ultra-slim portable monitor is the best option for you, your family and friends.

Currently, two years after the start of the pandemic, technological tools have become a necessity in homes, from the smallest of the household for their classes to the largest to maintain a social connection. The quality of the monitors has been changing so that they can be adapted to work remotely, take classes or connect to video calls/video conferences more easily. Our new ultra-slim Lepow Portable Monitor was created in order to meet each of your expectations, allowing users to access the best training experiences from the comfort of their homes. High technology at your fingertips, portable, ultralight and guaranteed quality.

The screen adopts a premium 15.6” IPS panel from the laptop's portable monitor, giving the user an ultra-slim display with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution and 60HZ refresh rate that is perfect for doing the activities you want. Accommodate it more easily thanks to its light weight. The quality of the screen reduces eye fatigue and damage that can occur when constantly using constant light artifacts. Our ultra-slim Lepow portable monitor, in addition to offering color reproduction for vivid images, does not harm your eyesight thanks to the high quality of the device, which allows longer use of it without affecting your visual health.

Easy access to our ultra slim portable monitor will allow you to connect with laptops, PCs, phones, Xbox, PS4 or other devices with HDMI connections and Type-C ports. Just plug and play, and connect easily so you can work, study, exercise, connect to social networks or make video calls / video conferences. Find in our new ultra-thin Lepow Z1 Portable Monitor the best tool that can connect with different devices thanks to its two Type C and HDMI inputs, making the connection practical, comfortable and technological in an easy-to-use way.

Do you like to watch movies/play games/listen to music/or exercise in your spare time or with your family members?

Our new version Lepow Portable Monitor will be the perfect device for watching movies, listening to music, playing video games or exercising; wherever you are with the two integrated speakers on the back of the portable screen, you can play your videos, music, classes or connect to your video calls. 

Whether inside the house, outside on the patio, on outings to other places, or on long trips, wherever you are you can connect and enjoy your movies, games or music without any problem thanks to its ultra slim design, you will have different ways of additional use and with the incredible portability that has the ideal monitor for you. In addition to its advanced HDR technology, the ultra slim portable laptop monitor can truly restore vivid colors and every dynamic image detail for superior picture quality.


One of the most outstanding features of the new Lepow portable monitor is that it measures only 0.13" ultra-slim profile and weighs 1.67 kilos, which makes it a portable monitor that is easy to carry in your bag or in your hand and still more comfortable to wear compared to other monitors. Its new ultra-slim design stands out in the market making the product one of the most competitive and best-selling in the market. Also the design makes it portable for both kids and adults to use a magnetic smart cover that protects it from bumps and scratches, providing a longer monitor life.

The school year is about to start and you will be able to provide your children with a useful Lepow ultra-thin Portable Monitor so that they can do their homework, connect to classes and be able to carry out their extracurricular activities such as online classes. Give them the opportunity to improve the quality of learning and study with this powerful tool by resorting to learning with tutorials, guides, online classes, courses and more. They could be accommodated where they need it thanks to its ultra-slim design.

Lepow Z1 Ultra Slim Use

You can also use the new Portable Portable Monitor to work, make your reports and organize your documentation more easily. Plus, its portable design makes it perfect for video conferencing in meeting rooms. You will have the information at your fingertips and you will be able to stand out among your co-workers. With its easy connectivity, you can link and share your screen to demonstrate your reports and be clearer when making decisions. You will find in the new ultra-slim Lepow Z1 Portable Monitor the ideal tool to use at work and make magnificent presentations.

Other features

If you are a video game lover, you can also enjoy our new Lepow Portable Monitor. Its easy connectivity will allow you to access your laptops, PCs, phones, Xbox, PS4, etc. The advanced HDR technology of the ultra slim portable laptop monitor can really restore the rich colors and every detail of the dynamic image for you. Never before have you played with the quality that our Portable Monitor for Laptop offers you.


You can also project movies on our new Lepow portable monitor from the comfort of your bed or from a backyard campsite with incredible ease. Its portable design will allow the little ones to enjoy watching movies on the go, on long trips or in country houses. Young people will be able to connect to their social networks, listen to music, watch movies or follow tutorials. And in addition, thanks to its functionality, you can also install educational packages for students that provide young people and older children with the knowledge to be prepared in this world of constant competition.