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It’s Halloween season already! Do you know what it means? This means that it’s the perfect time of year to watch the horror movies you love and keep you up all night. The time of year when you can look for inspiration for your costume parties or watch video tutorials on how to make them yourself and become a DIY genius. And it’s the time of year when you can enjoy the autumn landscapes, take as many photos as you want, and edit them the way you like!

Now, you are probably wondering how this season is related to our Lepow monitors. Well, let me tell you that Lepow has monitors with different characteristics, so you can choose the one you like the most and the one that best suits your activities! Do you want to watch horror movies? Do you want to edit your own horror movies? Do you want to find inspiration for your costumes? Do you want to have the best resolution while editing your photos? Keep reading to find out which one of our portable monitors for laptop is the best one for you. Also, we have a terrifying Halloween discount for the option you choose!

Among the two options we have for you, we have the Lepow portable monitor Z1 and the Lepow portable monitor C2, both portable monitors for laptop. Each one of them is incredible, but different, because, as you may know, at Lepow we think and know that each person is different, each one has different tastes and needs, and each one will use their portable monitors in a different way.

To help you make the best purchase decision, throughout this document we will review the main characteristics and differences between these two models, among which are: speakers, compatibility, portability, image quality, and others.


Our Lepow monitors from the C2 series have built-in dual speakers, which when combined with a smooth image provide an immersive audio-visual enjoyment. Also, the high-reduction sound quality is suitable for multimedia playback. Its 3.5mm audio jack makes it the ideal choice for listening to music, playing games or watching videos or horror movies!

On the other hand, Lepow monitors from the Z1 built-in dual speakers offer an enhanced entertainment experience when watching videos and playing games (alone or with your friends online). This series features an HDR mode, which supports excellent mainstream! So, you can enjoy unprecedented gaming performance. Enjoy an audiovisual feast with the laptop screen!


Our Lepow Z1 portable monitors have two Type-C ports, mini-HDMI, and 3.5mm audio inputs. Its multiple connection options are perfect for working alongside your laptop, PC, smartphone, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Switch, etc. Similarly, the Lepow C2 portable monitor is equipped with a newly added mini-DP port, a full-featured USB Type-C port, and a Mini-HDMI port, supporting easy access to various devices with a convenient one-cable solution. Its optimized screen allows wide compatibility with most laptops, smartphones, PCs, PS consoles, XBOX and other devices.


Lepow portable monitors are ultralight and slim, perfect for travel. However, their dimensions are different, so you should choose the best one for you. The C2 portable monitors are 0.27 inches thick and weigh 1.65 pounds. They also come with a folding kickstand hidden behind the back, which can be adjusted by 120°. Their stable ergonomic design meets all your needs on different occasions more conveniently by simply pulling the stand.

Likewise, Lepow Z1 portable monitors are 0.3 inches thick and weigh 1.7 pounds, so you can easily take the Type-C portable screen with you everywhere, putting it in a backpack or resting it on a tray table. There is no better travel monitor than our Lepow monitor!

Image quality

Lepow Z1 portable monitors feature an enhanced color gamut to 97.6% NTSC, 20 cd/m² higher brightness, 1080P resolution and IPS display. This means that it offers brighter, sharper and more natural colors. The IPS panel provides a 1000:1 contrast ratio which provides rich colors for clear and vibrant images.

On the other hand, Lepow C2 portable monitors adopt advanced IPS screen and HDR technology, which offers a 1920*1080 high-quality visual experience, and provides clearer, smoother and excellent gaming/multimedia performance. In addition, your screen can effectively reduce blue light radiation damage! Provides no image flickering or stuttering for long-time use.

Do not worry about the size, in both models the screen of the portable monitor is 15.6 inches.

Other features

Our Portable monitors from the Z1 series have a smart cover, which is made of durable PU leather exterior, and soft lining to keep your 15.6-inch portable monitor safe. And the screen protector film makes the screen fully protected from scratches. Remember that Lepow always cares about you the most.

Meanwhile, our Portable monitors from the C2 series feature extended and mirrored display modes. This option can realize dual screen synchronous operation, making both your work and study more efficiently. By connecting the game consoles, you can also enjoy the entertainment provided by the enlarged high-definition picture, no matter the time or place.

Do you know which one is the one for you?

With everything mentioned above, we know that you already know which is the ideal portable monitor for you. Did you realize why each person needs a different portable monitor and that there is a perfect one that adapts to each personal need? While you can use either one of them to work, edit, do homework, watch movies or play games, there is one that will make a difference, and once you have it, you will think the same as us.

Whether you choose a portable monitor from the C2 series, a portable monitor from the Z1 series, or if you decide you need both portable monitors, remember that this season we have a Halloween discount applicable to either of them. So, just like when you watch a horror movie, you won't be able to stop screaming when you see our spooky 10% Halloween discount! Use the code to acquire it (or them) as soon as possible.

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