How Has Your Life Changed Recently?

Well, hello and welcome back to a new blog. As you can see in the title this is something that many people have asked themselves since the pandemic. Because like it or not everything changed since then.

We changed our normal days of waking up and having breakfast as fast as we can so we can go to work and avoid the traffic jam. To work at home in pajamas. Or going to school and sharing time with our friends changed into only seeing them through a webcam and a laptop.

For many of us life did change a lot since then and for others not so much so today we will be talking about things we used to do before de pandemic and things that we learned to do during it. Let’s begin.

Social And Connection

One of the first things we learned during the pandemic is that thanks to technology everything can be done virtually.

You can get food with one click on your smartphone; you can go to classes with just the help of your laptop. You can work from home, etcetera. And many might be asking how doing everything from a computer can affect your social life. Well, if I am not mistaken, we all made new friends during the pandemic through video games and new social media websites.

Actually, the fact of having to be at home all day helped us to reconnect with our families. I mean friends you can have everywhere but for some reason, I believe that many of you made the bond with your family stronger during the pandemic because you shared a lot of time together.

That counts as a positive thing that we could get from this awful situation. Do you remember sharing time with your brothers or sisters watching Netflix and movies? Those were good days, weren’t they?

Another thing that changed at that time is that we became extremely dependent on our computers smartphones and those devices.

About Work

This was kind of a side effect of having to work from home. You could work on your pajamas but also your boss knew that if he needed something he could find you one call away and you would have to log in again. And since you could not do almost anything without your computer or smartphone after the pandemic you grew comfortable by doing everything from your sofa or even your bed.

So yes, everything was kind of easy but we also knew that we needed some extra help for our pc or smartphones. I mean maybe in your office you were used to having two monitors because of the job you have. Or I don’t know maybe you thought that during the pandemic it could be a great opportunity to become a streamer.

Lepow Portable Monitor

Either way, expanding your computer was like making your home office bigger and better, just as I did, and that was the time when I discovered portable monitors.

These little buddies helped me a lot when it came to work, you see, back in my office I had two monitors because I needed to expand my viewing range and it helped me keep everything organized.

Unfortunately, at home, I just had my laptop, and it was kind of eye-tiring to work on it.

So, as I did not have enough money to get a new computer and all that stuff a friend of mine suggested I get a portable monitor.

They are really affordable and that was a number one priority those days since you did not know what could happen and you had to be ready for anything.

So yes, the fact of being affordable was a plus, but when I got one it really surprised me.

You see, it had so many features that everyone in my family wanted one.

You could play video games on it you could connect it to your pc or laptop and in a matter of seconds, it became a dual monitor easily. You didn`t have to install a driver or anything it was a plug-and-play device that I loved at first sight.

And one of the best things about it is that it has a great video resolution. I mean I could watch movies with a 1920*1080P resolution.

Get One

So yes, it was of great help to me and I know that this can be a great aid to you. Since not everyone came back to their offices and many people are still working from home, I would recommend you get one, you won’t believe how much your work productivity will grow and how easy it will be to make your workload more organized.

Wait no more and got get yours, I know you will enjoy having one as much as I do and since it has many uses you can share it with your family too.