Technology Tools for Education Using Lepow Monitors

While it is true that we are already in a post pandemic stage and only the option of virtual classes is in the past, we live in a world in which we have created an incredible dependence on technology. While this may affect the fact that we spend much more time watching series or movies, it has a positive side, which are the tools for education.

So, if we have a higher percentage of people with gadgets, how can we take advantage of it with education? Here are some of the advances that have been achieved to improve the educational process of our young people:

Best Education tools for kids

The Portable Computer Monitor will help you to be able to display more important data, without the need to strain your eyes or look for open documents between tabs. In addition, our Portable Monitor for Laptop has an ideal resolution so that you will not have problems when viewing the content.

Google Expeditions and Virtual Tours

History teachers must be very happy thanks to this application, which allows students to feel as if they were in the place and time of their choice, to which they cannot travel. Besides that it has an add-on, which transports students to different museums, monuments and attractive places around the world.

It is a favorite of many teachers and students in high school. It is an interactive platform that transforms the traditional participation of students in the classroom into a space for entertainment, with scores and rankings that participants can see and compete with each other. It can also be used for evaluations, group work and much more.


TED Education

Most students spend a lot of time on the screen, watching videos that do not have many teachings. Now, what would happen if we instill in them the desire to continue watching videos, but from people who have a lot of knowledge to transmit. That is the work of TED, which shows videos of lectures by different people who are experts on a particular topic.

Productivity programs for education

Just as we can learn by watching content, we also need tools to be more productive, for the same reason, we present some alternatives that you can use to increase your performance in your studies:

Office Suite or Google Suite come to be complete and indispensable packages for students, since they offer tools that allow us to display the information or tasks we need.

The platforms on which we spend our virtual classes, such as Zoom or Meet, are not far behind. Over time, they have grown exponentially, being present in each of our computers, in order to be able to carry out the classes.

It is highly recommended that we master simple editing programs such as Canvas, to be able to make our presentations in a more visual way. That is why we recommend the use of the same tool to make the necessary designs.

Learning with Videogames

Finally, we will use Minecraft as an example. Although it is a game which may seem to be a waste of time, its correct use can give us many advantages, such as being able to learn about construction together with our peers, and develop the creativity of each of the young people.

In order to develop each of the activities, it is always good to have a larger screen, to have a better distribution on the use of tools for education, that is why we recommend that you acquire a secondary monitor or another screen on your computer. We leave you a guide of what can be the monitor that best suits your needs here.